Kindle Collection Manager

I wrote the Kindle Collection Manager many years ago to add missing functionality to the Amazon Kindle range of eBook readers.

It’s a Windows desktop app that allows books to be arranged into collections – both manually and automatically based on folders – then the collection configuration is uploaded to the Kindle device.

Unfortunately Amazon locked down the file system on all devices from the Paperwhite onward which renders the app unusable.

For owners of previous versions of the Kindle eBook reader where the collections.json file is still accessible over USB, the KCM will still work.

Here’s a link to download the last version that was released.

2 thoughts on “Kindle Collection Manager”

  1. bought a newer kindle. Arrived today. Fully charged. Kindle collection manager doesn’t recognize my new kindle. Uninstalled, rebooted mt PC, reinstalled. get a message to plug it in. It’s been plugged in for a couple of hours charging and I’m able to download my library from the Kindle store. So what’s up? II’m using the latest version of your app 0.5.3 get the same message to plug my Kindle in

    • Hi Gerry,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately the Kindle Collection Manager I wrote only supports the very oldest versions of the Kindle devices. For many years now, Amazon has locked down the Kindle filesystem, preventing apps like mine from interacting with collections.

      Sorry, my app isn’t going to work with your new Kindle.


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