Hosting Recommendation

SiteGround Hosting

I’ve been playing around with WordPress as a CMS for a couple of years now – building sites and templates.

Although I really like the open-source nature of WordPress and the community feel it has, I’m often a bit concerned about the performance of WordPress pages and especially frustrated by the administration pages taking forever to load.

I’ve tried using caching plugins and tweaking the web server hosting WordPress’ PHP pages, but this has little effect.

In an attempt to get a better WordPress experience for me (as an admin and developer), my customers (as content editors) and as end users of their websites, I’ve been having a dig around online as dedicated WordPress hosting solutions.

I think I’ve found a really good trade-off between monthly cost and high performance.

I’d like to introduce you to SiteGround – my new preferred hosting company.

SiteGround provide a load of different online services including dedicated WordPress hosting with performance that genuinely surprised me.

And to surprise an old cynic like me nowadays is quite rare 🙂

If you’d like to try SiteGround – especially their WordPress hosting, please use this link as I get a kickback in the form of a couple of months free hosting and you get the same*

* affiliate and subscriber benefits differ throughout the year