Colour correcting underwater video using Adobe Premiere CC

Taken from Gustav Ovier’s site (offline since Dec 2017).
Retrieved using the WayBack Machine then translated from Portuguese to English using Google Translate.

Filters for Adobe Premiere CS6 and CC

I’ve made available to download some filters I created for Adobe Premiere CS6 and CC (I don’t know if it works in other versions) for colour correction of underwater images.

These filters enhance the colour of videos made during dives. You should test multiple filters to see what is best for your video. Sometimes the filter is good at the start of the shot, but it can get bad as the light changes. So it’s good to go through each clip with the filter applied before finalising it.

Underwater at depth, the colours fade due to light being absorbed by the water. Many people use a physical filter in front of the camera lens: usually red or magenta. I do’t really like this technique because it makes the video more red when there is light.

The best result can be obtained with continuous artificial light, so even at depth the colour capture will be accurate. It really is amazing the colours of fish, crustaceans and corals from the bottom of the sea.

To install the filters go to the effects tab of your Adobe Premiere CS6/CC and import them (one by one).

Here’s an example of the filters in action:

The filters can be downloaded here:

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