Blocking web trackers and cookies to help protect your online privacy

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I’ve just discovered a really good browser extension that blocks web tracking cookies, code and images.

It’s called Ghostery and versions are available for Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox.

When active, Ghostery watches web pages being loaded and blocks, removes or replaces tracking cookies, code and images to protect your privacy.

It has easy-to-use and intuitive configuration pages which allow you to specifiy what you want to block and how you want notifications to work.

At time of writing, it recognises and can block 2,080 different trackers in 5 different categories:

I choose to block all trackers except Gravatar, Worpdress Stats and Google Analytics.

You can find out more information from the Ghostery home page at

It can also be installed as an extension for Chrome from their Web Store.

You can compare Ghostery to other anti-tracking browser extensions here:

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