Setting up and using a Password Manager

What is a Password Manager

A Password Manager (PM) is a service or app that generates, stores and manages usernames and passwords for online services.

The core concept is that you have a single strong but memorable Master Password that secures access to the PM. The PM will generate un-guessable passwords for you, store them securely and type them in automatically when you need to log in to somewhere online. It does this by providing an extension or plugin to your browser.

Why should I use one?

Read my post titled Stop using the same password everywhere!

Getting started

There are a few password managers out there and at time of writing, two popular ones are LastPass and 1Password. Both offer their basic features as a free service. They both also offer a paid-for service for more advanced users.

I’ve been using LastPass for many years and this guide continues assuming you’re using the free service offered by LastPass.


I have personally paid for the more advanced services provided by LastPass and have not received any incentives or payments from either of the two PMs mentioned in this post.

Do this straight away

Choose a strong un-guessable password for your Master Password.

Read my guide here about weak passwords.

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Living with a Password Manager

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Using multiple devices

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Tips & tricks

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