Recommended Equipment

Cold Water

Item Product
Drysuit Otter Britannic Mk 2
Hood Otter
Boots Otter rock boots
Dry gloves Kubi
Wet gloves Fourth Element 5mm
Fins Hollis F1
Undersuit Weezle Extreme
Bare SB System Mid Layer full length
Wing Custom Divers TDB
Cylinders Apex manifold twin 10 litre Faber steel
Regulators Apeks DS4Apeks XTX50
Cutting tools EEZYCUT Trilobite, Wenoka Squeeze Lock knife
Reels Kent Tooling
DSMB Bowstone "mini" marker buoy
Stage 7 litre Faber steel with Apeks DS4Apeks XTX50

Warm Water


Item Product
Mask Hollis M1
Mares X-Vision (Clear and Black)
Recreational computer Suunto Vyper
Suunto Vyper Air
Technical computer Shearwater Perdix
Lights Light-4-Me 4TEC + 2 x Light-4-Me 3XPG

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