The Magister Trilogy by Celia S. Friedman

I’m working my way through the Magister Trilogy by Celia S. Friedman.

Friedman, Celia S - Magister 1 - Feast of Souls     Friedman, Celia S - Magister 2 - Wings of Wrath     Friedman, Celia S - Magister 3 - Legacy of Kings

Here’s the summary of the first book “Feast of Souls” taken from it’s Wikipedia page:

In this fantasy, the first of a new trilogy, the world’s magic comes at a terrible cost: a witch’s own finite life force, which drains away with each spell. The sole exceptions are the immortal Magisters, who secretly tap a more murderous fuel for their power. No woman has ever found its source, until young Kamala, hardened by life as a child whore, insists on an apprenticeship and secretly becomes an unheard-of female Magister. Meanwhile, Prince Andovan, third son of the avaricious King Danton, is expiring from the baffling Wasting disease, which can only be caused by a Magister. When the enraged king banishes his right-hand Magister, the mysterious and sinister Kostas takes his place, much to the dismay of Andovan’s mother, Queen Gwynofar. As an ancient, monstrous power stirs and threatens to drag the world toward a dark age, Kamala and Andovan find their fates entwined.

It sounds a bit like cheesy fantasy chick-lit, but it’s actually very good and has some really delievable and well-thought-out “high fantasy” ideas.

I’m onto the next book “Wings of Wrath” and it follows on nicely from the first with more of the same.

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Cold Water

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